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For illegal immigrants, the most important thing is to have a stable life. But what undocumented immigrants can do is very limited. They can not enjoy the rights of legal citizens but also quickly be deported. Minu is such a person. Although he has left Nepal and lived in South Korea for 18 years, he still has no legal status. But he plays his part as much as possible through his love of music. Through the trailer, I learned that what he did was not just to work hard for his own life but to make more people who went out to find a livelihood live a stable life. A fundamental way for him to help others is to bring more people together through music, and most of these people have the same experience as him. And the music just forms a special bond, which unites these illegal immigrants. Another reason is that for those who have just arrived in a new country, how to survive in an oppressed environment is a big problem. And Minu connects them all in a language that transcends national boundaries. This clever method can unite the people for a long time. So as to make the unions like MTU more cohesive to create a more extraordinary voice for the vulnerable groups.

There is an interesting connection between these two different events, but there are significant differences in essence. First of all, in their lives, music is a crucial part, has an irreplaceable. Whether they are Nepalese illegal immigrants or Chinese living in Jamaica, they use music to communicate with each other in their early life. However, due to their different regions, the final function of music is different. For Nepalese in South Korea, because they are oppressed, music mainly plays a spiritual role. The situation of the Chinese in Jamaica is very different. Since there are no Chaebols like South Korea, the Chinese themselves can adapt to Jamaican life more freely. As a result, the Chinese gradually used music to establish their own capital in Jamaica, which loved reggae music, and even in Central America. So simply put, the Chinese built their own business empire with music in Jamaica and even clashed with the indigenous people.

UCSD Marshall Econ&Math